Sustainability on vacation


Sustainability is an issue that concerns us all and doesn’t end during your vacation!

It is a personal concern of mine to raise awareness on how we all may contribute to save our environment, our oceans, our planet. 

We all can make a difference in our daily lives and we should lead by example.

Please find below some tips on how you may personally contribute also during your vacation to a greener environment and a greener Mallorca.


Please don't leave any trash behind


Of course, you want to enjoy our time at the beach, a hike through the beautiful mountains and nature of the island.

But please take the following tips into consideration

* Don’t leave and trash at the beach or anywhere else! Leave it in one of the trash bins in the area and if there is none around take it with your and dispose it at the next available one.
   There are big gray trash bins in the street almost everywhere.

* Separate trash if possible. Many towns already have trash separation and colored marked bin tell you where to put which trash.

* Use glass bottles instead of plastic when possible. Unfortunately, Mallorca has no system for returnable bottles in place as yet.

* Refrain from using plasic bags if possible. There are enough alternatives. The very nice natural basket for example are one of those – you get them at many markets or even supermarkets
   and they are also a nice souvenir or can be used as beach bag

* Fruits and vegetables can be bought at the local markets and this way you may avoid buying pre-packed items in plastic bags. The above-mentioned baskets are ideal to go shopping at your local market
   and you support the local farmers.

* Don’t use plastic straws or cutlery.

* Use sustainable sunscreen and play an important role to keep our oceans clean (see also below).




Sustainable Sunprotection

Sun protection is important - especially while on vacation as we are more exposed to the sun than normally. Therefore we need to protect our skin from the dangerous UV-rays. 
BUT this doesn’t need to be at the expense of the environment.
In Hawaii it is already forbidden to use sunscreen which contain the ingredients Oxybenzone and Octocrylene as they harm fish and corals and which are components of almost all sunscreens we buy in the supermarkets. Please also read the following article fron CNN.

YOU can make a difference!

With the 100% sustainable Sunscreen from RINGANA you can protect your skin from the dangerous UV-rays in an effective and environmentally friendly way. The sunscreen is also waterproof and doesn't contain and any dangerous or forbidden ingredients that might harm the marine life.

The also sustainable After Sun Care you may boost your tan and give your skin some extra TLC after sun-eposure. erhalten Sie die Urlaubsbräune und pflegen Ihren Haut gleichermassen.

All products are 100% sustainable, 100% fresh, effective and ethical.

You want to help making a difference and  to make our planet a bit safer for our generations to come?


Then get your 5 Euro-Voucher for your first order.

Simply send me an EMail with the reference "Voucher for sustainable sun protection".