Questions and Answers from A-Z


The arrival and departure from the airport to the rented property has to be organised by the guests themselves. Your representatives are legally not allowed to transport guests in their vehicles.

You find recommendations for transportation in our email offers and booking confirmations. However, Mallorcahome may not be held liable for these offers.

Beach towels:

Beach towels are not supplied and you will need to bring them with you.

Bed linen:

Included in the total rental rate is 1 set of bed linen per bed and week.

Beds for children:

Beds for children as of 2 years of age are not available.


Cods for babies up to approximately 2 years may be booked additionally for 5 Euros/night if permitted by the owner.

Please inform us at least 7 days in advance should you require a cod since we have not unlimited supply and they may need to be bought prior to your arrival.

Driving on Mallorca:

On Mallorca all passengers in a car need to fasten their seat belts by law. Children need to be secured in a special children’s seat up to a certain age.

It is also mandatory to carry 2 security vests and 2 warning triangles in the car at all times.


Dogs need to be on a leash at all times by law except in special marked off-leash areas. In apartment complexes dogs are generally not allowed (also not very small dogs) and definitely not in the pool areas.

Should you be allowed to bring your dog, the remains need to be picked up at all times, so please ensure you have enough poop-bags on hand.

Dogs are generally not allowed on beaches. However, there are some beaches that allow dogs also during the summer month. Please inform yourself prior to your holiday, where you may take your dog and where not. High fines apply when dogs are spotted on a beach where they are not allowed!


Firewood is generally not supplies by the owner of the rented property.

Should there be firewood available the use is only permitted with the permission of the owner/representative.

You may purchase firewood in any hardware store around the island.

Flags on Mallorcas beaches:

Almost all beaches are marked with coloured flags, so you may easily see if swimming is possible without danger.

Blue flag: Excellent water quality and swimming is possible without any concern. On beaches with blue flags you also find sanitary facilities and waste disposal. The blue flag is given by the foundation of environmental education (FEE).

Green flag:Good water quality and swimming is possible also without concerns.

Yellow flag: Swimming only for good swimmers as currents may occur

Red Flag: No swimming allowed!

Garbage disposal:

In most communities garbage is separated and you will have to dispose your garbage in the respective garbage bins, which are to be found in the area.

However, some communities still do not separate garbage and here you may dispose of our garbage in the large garbage bins, which are usually found somewhere down the street or in the area around the rented property.

Please do not leave garbage bags outside your house/apartment as they attract cats, rats and other vermin.


In some rental properties a BBQ is offered. The are sometimes heated with gas, sometimes with charcoal. Should a gas bottle get empty during your stay, it is your responsibility to replace the empty bottle, same applies for the supply of charcoal.

During the summer months it may occur that using the BBQ is generally not permitted in some parts of the island due to the danger of forest fires. Your representatives may inform you should this be the case. Please apply to these regulations. High penalties my be imposed when not applying with these regulations.

Grocery shopping service:

Should you be arriving very late at night or on a public holiday when shops are usually closed you may make use of our shopping service. If you send us a list with the items needed your representatives may purchased them for you prior to your arrival and have them ready in the rented property upon check-in.

Please send us the list with the required items at least 5 day before our arrival date.

For this service a fee of 30 Euros applies plus the cost of the purchased items, payable directly in cash to the representative upon check-in.

High chairs:

High chairs for small children may be booked for a surcharge of 5 Euros/day. Please inform us at least 7 days prior to your arrival date should you require a high chair as there are limited numbers available.

Internet/ WiFi:

Unfortunately, internet access is still not generally available and considered as a standard in holiday rentals. Should internet access be available it is marked in the section "Further Information" of the respective holiday letting.

As internet service is provided by a third party the owner may not be held responsible in case the connection fails or is temporarily not available (see also Terms & Conditions).

If internet access is possible please ask your representative for the password. There are also several hotspots on the island where the use of the internet is possible free of charge.

Laundry service:

Should you require a change of bed linen or towels please inform us at least 5 day prior to your arrival day, so the cleaning service/personnel may be planed accordingly.

A surcharge applies for this service but depends on the size of the property and number of persons. Minimum price is 40 Euros.


The lavatory system might be different to what you are used to at home. They usually work on a pump system, so please do not throw anything but what you produce and toilet paper into the toilet. Anything else most likely blocks or may break the pump.

Luggage storage:

As all rental properties are privately owned properties, there is no general storage facility available like in a hotel.

As all properties required cleaning after check-out or prior to check-in in order for them to be ready for the next guests, the remain of any luggage items prior to check-in/after check-out is not possible due to safety reason.

Phone calls:

Making phone calls while driving is strictly prohibited. This also applies when using headsets!

Pool/Communal pool:

Generally pool season is from mid April until mid October. This may vary though depending on the the weather conditions.

Pools are generally not heated. Private pool may usually be used all year round as they are generally not being emptied during the winter months.

Legal alcohol limit:

The legal alcohol limit on Mallorca is 0,5%. Please be careful, as controls are being carried out frequently during the summer months.


A popular english speaking radio station is the Sunshine Raio (FM 106,1) which informs about internationals and local news.


Parasols for the beach are generally not supplied by the owners of the rented property. Should previous guests leave their parasol behind, you may of course use it.

Parasols may be also purchased for approximately 10 Euros in many shops near the beach.

Speed limits on Mallorca’s streets:

The speed limit on mallorac's streets is as follows:

In the city:   50 km/h
Country roads: 90 km/h
Expressway: 100 km/h
Motorway: 120 km/h

Fines are quite high when not complying with the speed limits, so it is advisable to not exceed those speed limits. Fines will also be send to your home country if necessary.

Tap water:

Tap water is generally no drinking water. It is recommended to purchase bottled water, which is available in all supermarkets.

It is also recommended to use bottled water for coffee machines and kettles as tap water is very calcareous on the island.

You may use tap water to brush your teeth though without any concern.


In the total price included is one set of towels per person and week. This includes a larger towel for the shower and a smaller one for the face.

Additional towels may be received for a surcharge of 15 Euros/per set of towel from your representatives.

Beach towels are generally not supplied.

Vermin/ Creepy crawlies:

In the southern hemisphere you encounter many months of humid and hot days. This may quickly lead to "unwanted rooommates".

Ants often find their way into a house or apartment through the even smallest whole or even sometimes through electric plugs. Please do not leave and open food items anywhere as they quickly "walk away" or attract other creepy crawlies.

Another unwanted species is the cockroach. They love humidity and during very hot and humid days even fly through open windows. They are sometimes also being brought into the property via packaging material or the sole of shoes.

Please inform your representative should you encounter a high number of the unwanted house guests. However, a small number of them is within the tolerance range.


Please see under Internet

Cleaning service during your stay:

A cleaning service during your stay may be booked for a surcharge of minimum 54 Euros (1 cleaning person for 3 hours). Please advise us at least 5 day prior to your arrival day should require a cleaning service.