Questions, Answers and further Information

1. What is the duty of the representative?

The representative will meet & greet you upon arrival at the agreed meeting point. He/she is you contact person during your entire stay in the rented holiday letting.

2. Booking procedure - how can I book or make a reservation?

Once we receive your booking request, we will check the availability of the desired holiday property and will let you know immediately whether it may be booked by you.

If the respective holiday letting is not available, we will send you alternative holiday lettings, which may be rented by you in the requested period.Once you have made your choice and would like to check on flight availabilities we can make a non-binding reservation for 24 hours.

After this time the holiday property will be available to other bookers unless you send us the required booking form. Should you wish to make definite booking, you simply need to fill in the respective booking form, which can be found in our initial email offer.

Should you wish to book more than one holiday property, kindly fill in one form per property.

3. Which data do you require for a booking?

Should you like to go ahead with a binding booking you will have to fill in a booking form, which you find in the email-offer.

We do need your full name and address, your date of birth, your mobile number (in order to also contact you during your holidays) as well as you e-mail address.

Furthermore we need the total number of guest including the number and age of children travelling with you.

In the booking form you will find all required information marked with a * (mandatory fields)..

4. What should I book first, the holiday home or the flight?

We strongly recommend to first secure the preferred holiday property and then book your flights.

Simply make an optional reservation of the desired property for 24 hours without any obligation and then search for your flights.

Once you have all your flight details set, you may then fill in the booking form (also see No 2).

5. Are all pictures really taken at the respective holiday rental?

All photos showing the respective holiday property are either taken directly at the property or on the property complex, i.e., pool photos, photos of the view or the surrounding area.

However, sometimes the interior or furniture of the holiday property might have changed, i.e., new sofa in a different colour , etc..

With over 200 properties on offer, it is difficult to constantly keep everything up to date. If major modifications have been made or important features, such as air conditioning, heating, swimming pool, washing machine or dishwasher, etc., have changed we will post it on respective property page.

Usually broken equipment (washing machine, dish washer, etc.) is being replaced instantly by the owner.

6. Why is the price of the first night higher than the following night?

Due to a German law all fix-costs need to be clearly stated in the total price. It is not allowed to mark service charges or cleaning fees as separate costs if they are mandatory.

Therefore these costs are included in the price of the first night. Only options costs (i.e. cods or high chairs) or refundable cost like the security deposit may be listed separately..

7. Fincal cleaning - what is included?

The final cleaning is carried out by an external cleaning company, hired by the respective property owner or the property management.

The coordination of the cleaning service is part of the duties of the representative.

The final cleaning includes a professional cleaning after you stay as well as the cleaning of all bed linen and towels.

Should you not be satisfied with the cleaning upon check-in please contact you representative immediately and they will arrange for another cleaning if necessary.

8. Arrival and departure days

We do not have specific arrival or departure days. This way you may travel on the day that suits you best and you can book cheaper air fares during the week.

9. Why do some holiday rentals have age limitations for children?

Some properties are located on a hillside, cliff or have low railings which may bring children into dangerous situations.

For these reasons children are precautionary either not or only allowed with a certain age. Some properties are also part of an apartment complex that has a restriction regarding the age of children, which we need to respect.

All age limitations are mentioned on the respective property page on our website.

In any case, parents are always responsible for their children and neither we nor the property owners take any responsibility for any accident that might occur.

10. Do I need to bring towels and bed linen

No, all our properties provide a set of 2 towels per person to be used in the bath room and bed linen.

However, beach towels are not provided and need to be brought with you.

We kindly ask you NOT to use the provided towels for sun chairs or the beach; otherwise an extra cleaning surcharge may apply.

11. Can I bring my dog/pet?

In some holiday properties pets are generally permitted or not permitted and some properties are marked with "pets on request". This means that we must first obtain the owner's permission for you to bring your beloved pet.

In this case we will always need information about the breed and size of the animal(s). Please provide accurate information.

If you have received permission from us to bring the pet we strongly advise you to familiarise yourself with the entry requirements for the respective animal to Spain.

It is the right of the property owner to demand an extra charge for pets per day or a higher security deposit.

12. Check-in / Check-out times

A check-in is generally possible as of 4 pm and check-out until 10 am. An earlier check-in or later check-out may not be guaranteed.

As the representatives coordinate all check-in/check-out themselves, I have no influence on their schedule and may not guarantee you any specific time.

Please bare in mind that especially during the busy summer months the representatives are very busy and may not always accommodate everybody’s requests.

The time between check-out and check-in is also needed for the final cleaning and sure you would like to have a clean holiday rental when you check-in.

13. Why can I not see availabilities of a property?

Mallorcahome is connected to a booking system, to which also the property owners have access to. This way they may enter their own bookings accordingly.

However, some owners do not always enter their personal bookings and the calendar shows a free space although the owner might want to spend some time there him/herself.

Some owners also would like to be asked first in case of a booking request.

Furthermore, many owners don’t want everybody to see when their property is available due to security reasons.

14. Why do we require a security deposit?

The security deposit is necessary as the owner also needs to be on the safe side. He/she trustfully lets you stay in his/her private home and wants to ensure no damage is done.

The amount of the security deposit depends on the value of the rental home. The exact amount of the deposit of each holiday properties can be found on the respective property pages on our website.

The security deposit will need to be paid in cash upon arrival to your representative and will be return to you upon check-out, provided no damage has occurred. .

15. What do I need to do when problems occur during my stay?

Should you encounter any problems during your stay you need to bring them to the attention of your representative immediately according to German law. The owner is obliged to create remedy within a certain timeframe if possible.

Please do not contact any facility manager of the compound as your representatives are the only contact persons for this matter.

16. What if the rented property becomes uninhabitalbe?

If your rented holiday property becomes uninhabitable due to unforeseen events or force majeure, such as water damage, fire, etc. we will contact you immediately and try to find a solution. Possibilities in this case are an alternative accommodation in one of our other rental properties, a price reduction or cancellation.

Please note, that Mallorcahome cannot be held liable for any of these circumstances and does not pay for hotel accommodation or other rental properties we do not offer ourselves.

In case of a cancellation you will be refunded the full down payment and other possible payments you might have made to us. We are not responsible for the payment of cancellation fees for flights or other means of transportation.

17. Noise disturbance during my stay.

Constructions are usually permitted on Mallorca between May / June and September / October depending on the community.

Unfortunately, there are always violations and exceptions to the rule and construction companies or private persons get an extraordinary permission to renovate or build in the summer months. Usually the local police is quite strict and acts immediately.

It may happen, however, that a developer is given a special permit in which cases we are powerless and in any case may not be held responsible.

18. When and and ow long can the pool be used?

Pool season generally begins mid May and ends on mid October. This period may vary depending the weather conditions and/or on the owner’s decision (private pools).

In some apartment complexes the use of the pool is not permitted during the night. Please respect the individual policies or house rules of the apartment complex. 

Each pool is regularly cleaned and the water quality tested during the pool season, usually once or twice per week. For hygiene reasons the pool water contains chlorine and/or other chemicals.

Any use of the pool is always at the risk of the guests and parents are responsible for their children. 

Since the temperature of the pools depends strongly on the outside temperature a certain water temperature cannot be guaranteed. Some properties with private pools offer a heated pool. Extra costs may apply.

19. Creepy crawlies - unwanted house guest?

Due to usually mild winters and very hot and humid summer, almost every house has ants, the oriental cockroach, spiders, mosquitoes, flies, various geckos or other creepy crawlers.

Since we rarely have temperatures below zero centigrade on Mallorca, insects don’t die in winter and usually are larger than in the northern European hemisphere.

Many of these insects are active at night and therefore you don’t often see these uninvited guests. But you can be sure that they are in every garden and occasionally like to come into homes and apartments.

To prevent them from crawling inside, please do not leave any food lying outside for long periods of time.

Summer is mosquito time. If you are sensitive to mosquito bites, you should get some protection prior to you departure at your pharmacy.

Very effective are electronic devices which are placed in the sockets. These devices and other protection are also easily obtainable in almost all major supermarkets or pharmacies on the island.