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Please find below some hopefully helpful information about the Corona-Situation on Mallorca.
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The Corona Virus has a firm grip on us all of us and has changed our daily lives. As long as no vaccine is found, we have to adapt and adjust our daily life accordingly.

Of course, this also applies to holiday destinations. As much as we all don’t want to miss your yearly vacation - wherever this might be, we have to put up with the fact that a vacation without restrictions will no longer be possible for a while.

Mallorca was only very little affected in terms of the Corona cases, but the Balearic Islands are bound by the guidelines of the Spanish central government. The fact that a vacation is now possible is thanks to the small number of cases and the strong restrictions from mid-March to mid-May. The island location has of course also favored this.

It is essential to avoid further infections and thus prevent another wave of outbreaks. Therefore, the Spanish government has also decided that a general mask requirement has been imposed from 13.07.2020. This is purely a preventive measure!

This means in particular:

* Everybody as of age 6 must wear a mask in public rooms.
* The mask must be worn in all shops and when entering restaurants. As soon as you are at your table to have food and/or drinks you can of course remove the mask.
* You do not need to wear a mask on the beach, on the beach promenade if the security distance of 1,5 meters may be guaranteed.
* You do not need to wear a mask if you are alone or with the family in the nature.

A cloth or scarf is not enough, a correct mouth and nose protection is mandatory. You can get these in almost all supermarkets for 0.60 euros/pc.

Exception for the mask requirement:

* Children under the age of 6 are exempt from the mask requirement
* People with breathing difficulties are also exempt from the mask requirement.
* There is no need to wear a mask on the beach or in swimming pools
* You do not have to wear a mask during sports
* There is no mask requirement when eating food and drinks in restaurant or bars.

Furthermore, the following rules also apply:

* Smoking of water pipes is not permitted
* A maximum of 30 people are permitted in closed rooms
* Meetings or outdoor events are possible for up to 70 people
* Masks are compulsory at family gatherings if a safety distance of 1.5 meters cannot be ensured.
* At weddings, a maximum of 150 can be inside a room and a maximum of 250 outside.

If the above measures are violated, a fine of 100 euros is to be expected.

What does that mean for your vacation on Mallorca?

It may all sound worse than it actually is. Ultimately, it is only for your own protection and that of everyone else. You can move around anywhere, you just have to wear a mouth and nose protection. This is often no different in many other countries and has been common practice in Asia for several years. A vacation is absolutely possible, you just have to adapt to the circumstances.
Here are some answers to questions you may have regarding your vacation.

* In the holiday accommodation you have booked, you can of course move freely without a mask.
* If you have booked an apartment in an apartment complex, you must wear a mask as soon as you leave the apartment, i.e. within the complex. You can remove the mask when staying at the pool.
* There is generally a mask requirement as soon as you leave your accommodation, no matter if you have booked an apartment or a house.
* There is no mask requirement in the car if you are alone in the car or if you belong to one family. If you are not from the same household, a mask must also be worn.
* A mask must be worn when walking to the beach, on the beach itself it can be removed. Families may lie together, there is no minimum distance requirement in this case. 

These measures have only been implemented to prevent the virus from spreading further and thus prevent a second wave of infections and thus enable all holiday-makers to stay on the beautiful island of Mallorca.
According to the Balearic Prime Minister Francina Armengol, this is a purely preventive measure in order not to jeopardize the goals achieved with previously strict regulations.
Mallorca's main source of income is tourism - many livelihoods of retailers, restaurateurs, tour operators etc. are dependent on the income from the tourism business and therefore these measures are certainly understandable and sensible. 

For al those who have already booked a stay in Mallorca::

Please also note the new entry requirements due to the Corona security measures.
You can find this under the following link SpTh. Download the app mentioned here, preferably on your mobile phone, so you have everything ready and avoid unnecessary delays.
Since the download for IOS devices is not yet available, you can also download and fill in the necessary documents directly on the website.

In this form the location, length of stay, name, home address, telephone number, age and ID number are requested. This way, the authorities can locate and contact guests in the event of an incident.

When arriving at the airport, the temperature of the arriving guests is measured using a scanner and the QR code is used to decide whether a corona test is required.

Mallorca ist nach wie vor ein sicheres Reiseziel für das es keine Reisewarnung des Auswärtigen Amtes gibt und das auch beim Robert Koch Institut nicht als Risikogebiet gelistet ist.
Ausführliche Informationen hierüber finden Sie HIER
Weitere Informationen zum aktuellen Stand können Sie auch in den Pressemitteilungen des DRV (Deutschen Reiseverband) nachlesen.

(Stand 28.07.2020)



The above restrictions are by law not a reason for a discount on an already booked accommodation or a reason for cancellation.

The information given here is made to the best of our knowledge and belief and is not guaranteed.