Questions and answers related to Corona / Covid-19

Have you already booked a vacation through Mallorcahome in Mallorca or are you planning a vacation, but are unsure about the Covid-19 situation? Below are some important questions and answers on this topic.


The situation has fundamentally changed in the entire travel industry due to the Covid-19 virus, also the travel behavior of many vacationers. Those who have already booked a vacation - whether long before the start, shortly before or during the Corona period, are often unsure whether they can start their vacation as planned or not. We have summarized some questions and answers for you below.

If you have individual questions about your already booked or planned vacation on Mallorca please contact me or send me an Email.

1. Can I cancel or rebook an individual trip free of charge?

The booking of your holiday apartment, holiday home, finca or villa is an individual trip. The general terms and conditions of Mallorcahome, which you accepted upon booking, apply here. This means that you have no legal right to a rebooking or free cancellation for accommodations booked with Mallorcahome as of 90 days before the date of arrival. Since you are booking via a German travel partner, German/European law and regulations apply. Please also find some more information at

Of course, we understand your concerns and worries if a travel warning is issued. The situation is new for everyone involved. We are therefore happy to ask the owner of the accommodation you have booked whether he or she agrees to change your booking to a different period if your place of residence is in a country that has issued a travel warning for the Balearic Islands. However, free cancellation is not possible in the event of a travel warning. A rebooking depends here on the good-will of the respective owner.


2. Will my deposit already which I have already paid be credited in the event of a rebooking?

If the owner has agreed to a rebooking, we will credit the down payment already made for the new booking. This only applies to a change in booking to the same accommodation. If you change your booking to another accommodation, the deposit already paid will not be taken into account. This is also the case if the accommodation is either not available on the new date or is generally no longer available and has been taken off the portfolio.

In the event of a rebooking, the respective seasonal prices generally apply. If the deposit is lower than for the original booking, the difference will not be reimbursed, as the deposit is generally non-refundable (see General Terms and Conditions, point 4).


3. Will I receive a travel voucher if I change my booking?

In the event of a rebooking or free cancellation, you will not receive a travel voucher. In the case of a rebooking to the same holiday home, however, the deposit will be credited, provided it has been confirmed by  Mallorcahome. See point 2.


4. How do I have to cancel or what do I have to consider when changing my booking?

A cancellation must always be made in writing and ensure you’ll receive a cancellation confirmation. If you wish to change your booking, the request must also be made in writing. If the respective owner agrees to a rebooking, the new booking is usually to be carried out within a certain period of time. If a new booking is not made within the specified period, the cancellation costs specified in the terms and conditions apply to the original booking. An exception is made should the original holiday accommodation has been withdrawn from the portfolio.


5. What happens if a travel participant belongs to a risk group or I am afraid of being infected with the coronavirus during my holiday or a travel participant is ill?

If one of the above-mentioned cases occurs, you can withdraw from your booking according to the terms and conditions of Mallorcahome. A free cancellation or rebooking is not possible in this case. If a travel participant is sick with the virus or in general and you have taken out travel insurance, you should check with the respective insurance if your are covered. The conclusion of a travel cancellation or travel insurance is to be considered independently of the booking of the holiday accommodation. So if the insurance does not cover the costs of cancellation or in the case of sickness, you have no reason for a free cancellation or a right to a re-booking.. 


6.Do I have to be quarantined at home after my vacation?

We strongly suggest you inquire about the current regulations for your home country before you start your journey. In many c ountries, a corona (PCR) test is required on return and you have to be in quarantine until the result is available. This usually takes 24-72 hours. Some countries require a general quarantine of 10-14 days.

If a compusary quarantine is not required and you want to avoid the waiting time for the test result, you can have yourself tested on Mallorca before leaving. The private health centers on the island offer the PCR test for 100-160 Euros. However, you should make an appointment in order to avoid unnecessarily long waiting times. Anyone showing symptoms should go to a health center immediately. 
UK travellers may also find more information HERE.


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